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Next month, London-based Brave Alice Studios will begin crowdfunding their virtual tabletop (VTT) builder, RPG Stories.
The product promises to make you the ultimate Cyber-GM with drag-and-drop tools that allow anyone to build virtual 3D environments for VTT play in a short amount of time. RPG Stories comes with dozens of assets for players and monsters, and supplies environments for all genres of RPG play: sci-fi, fantasy, modern or whatever. And get this: if you have access to a 3D printer, you can make many of these assets physical. Cool!
When it launches, RPG Stories will contain all these features:

Easy to build any indoor or outdoor environment. Fun to play with
Supports all Eras of Tabletop RPGs; Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi
You play with 3D animated characters and monsters
Different pricing between the Game Master’s Version and the Player’s Version
Quest writing tools and notes within the software
Customizable options for lights, textures, colors, dice, and characters

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People who doesn't understand the mechanics of Tabletops can thrive with this game. It will help them transition to the real thing because this one had the visuals that will aide them to learn mechanics of table tops.


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Sadly, I was not born with the talent to learn how to code, despite my long-standing dream to make my own video game. I tried to learn RPG Creator, but it is quite challenging. RPG tales seem to be more approachable, letting me express my creative side without worrying that my attempts to learn how to code will make me seem incompetent. Yes it only a virtual table top but it looks so easy to learn.