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Indie games publisher, Keybol Games and developer, Drix Studios released Grand Guilds today. The story-driven, turn-based cards RPG is available for $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop and Steam, and $9.99 on Utomik. The launch follows the success of their Kickstarter campaign, which pledged over $30k. 

Grand Guilds features unique card combat mechanics in which players follow Eliza and her guildmates throughout Irin, a land on the verge of war, as she exposes a mystery that plagues the guilds of the continent.
Eliza returns to the city of Ozryn as a horde of creatures set fire to the streets. After dispatching the enemies, Eliza and her guild seek to find the origin of the attackers. They discover attacks happened throughout the continent at the same time. Eliza and her trusted guildmates must discern the motive behind the assaults before a worse fate is met.
Players will learn the basics of strategic combat using skill cards, as they customize each character’s playstyle. Each character...
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