Rose Winters, Was a baby in Resident Evil Village. From a Baby that needed to be rescued by father, Ethan. Her Father sacrifice his life so he can save Rose from the hands of Mother Miranda.
This  DLC can be bought by people who owns a copy of Resident Evil Village but People can also purchase the Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition, Which includes all DLC for free.
A shocking Heel turn will happen on this Game because the Duke, Yes that friendly big guy who helped Ethan will be Rose’s adversary on this game.
Rose Winters is now playable at Shadow of Rose

The Additional content of Resident Evil Village are the 3rd Person mode, For people who wants to see Ethan’s face! Fans who are not a fan of first person Camera, Can finally Enjoy the 8th mainline title.  Shadow of Rose, Stars Rose Winters 16 years after the events of her father’s death.
She wanted to live an ordinary life but her powers forced her to live under training to be a Soldier.
Rose will try to to go the consciousness...

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Is she going to lose fingers just like her dad? So Rose will be 16 and will be the youngest combat character in Resident Evil history. It use to be Steve at 17. Sherry and Natalia were younger but they dont use guns on their debut.

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It is kind of sad that only way female characters are playable in Resident Evil now are through remakes, Spin off, unlockables and DLC. Resident Evil 3 is the last mainline game with a female lead. I hope Rose will return in RE9 as lead after this.


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I was hoping for the rumored Ada DLC. I am too disappointed with this profound sadness.


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With its hallucinations and other elements, Rose's gameplay reminds me a lot of RE 3.5. It looks like Leon's gameplay will be similar to this. And I'm so stoked to play to it. I'm excited to see how they handle the story and gameplay with this.

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