Seth Larson

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Roots of Dread is the latest chapter of Dead by Daylight. The New killer is called the Dredge, It is the most unique killer in the history of the game because it is not a former human. It is a manifestation of a once vibrant community that has gone to the dark side. I believe this is inspired by the fans of the game who do nothing but complain. It is the first non-humanoid-shaped killer, as it’s a blob of flesh and bones.
Roots of Dread Dead by Daylight killer.

The Dredge felt like a Monster you will usually encounter in Resident Evil or Silent Hill. It is a mound of flesh and a black portal in the middle. It can teleport through lockers to look for Survivors. This will be a challenge to the Survivor players who just hide inside lockers and let the team mate do all the work. Unlike most killers, The dredge doesn’t have a tragic backstory because it is not a former human. It is a...

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Dwight in a Box

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That is the most disgusting and ugliest monsters I had ever seen and I can't wait to play as that monstrosity and kill those locker hiding survivors.


As a Survivor player, I hate those teammates who don't repair gems and all they do is to hide on lockers and self care in the corner of the map while they are injured. This Killer will shake those players up.

Shin Gouki

I was imagining Haddie as a hot Bollywood Goddess and we end with that as the final product? Just because she have the ugliest killer rival, it doesn't mean she have to be an ugly survivor too.