ROOM OF KING With ~Hiro Mizushima~


Mr. Kamen Rider
I (think) I am watching this show right now. I missed the opening credits but it's 11:40 at night right now, and Hiro's in it. Is that the one?

Inui Takumi

The Ends JustiΦ's the Means
Saw the first episode, finally. That.was.awesome.

I love this show, it's so quirky and amusing. I love the idea of centering the series around a room share with the traveler from Densha, and the two old guys from Boukenger and Keitai Sosakan 7 as the masterminds. Moriji seems like he could be an interesting character, but we didn't find out too much in the first episode, though that cougar after him should go somewhere interesting. Hibiki was a little annoying at first, but I loved her male harem and Asako was like Moriji, not too much shown about her, and it seems like she's almost settling by taking the room share in Japan and not London like she wanted to, so that will probably go somewhere.

The new Kimaguren song is pretty fun too, though the latinish style totally threw me off at first.

Also, stopping the wrong robbery by singing Okuru Kotoba? Genius.

I watched it a few days ago. Its a pretty fun show. My favorite part was when Moriji first saw the apartment, that was funny. And sing Maxi something was funny too. Just saw that guy in Rookies lol

And the ending is by Kimaguren? didnt know that.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
The second episode was pretty funny, there wasn't nearly as much focus on Moriji as in the first episode, but that Maji Max guy was pretty interesting. Kinda curious about him and his assistant switching roles, though I doubt it's anything too significant. With it being so early in the series, I really doubt Moriji is going to go to stay long in France.

And Gundam, yay.


Red Falcon
Finished watching episode 1 ....

- Good to see Hiro in another drama
- OMG, its Makino-sensei :O_O:
- Anne Suzuki must have gained alot of weight since her last drama appearance 3 years ago ... she looks different but at the same time, still recognizable
- The robbery part involving Asako and some guy is funny ... especially the singing part :laugh:

All in all, good episode and looking forward to the next few eps


so i downloaded the first two episodes and the subs from D-addicts, so how do you get the subs to work? :sweat:


I believe they might be connected to Direct Vob Sub, but I recommend the CCCP Codec and Media Player Classic. I've found that using those, in contrast to VLC, lets you see all the effects of the subs.


Hey starting from EP 4 another toku actor join the casts.

It Mako Ishino aka Swan San/Deka Swan from Dekarangers nice!

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