[J-MOVIE] RoboGeisha


Has anyone else seen this movie? I have it on DVD and can't stop watching it. Aya Kiguchi as Yoshie is the most beautiful Geisha I have ever seen.

Could someone please tell me that Yoshie didn't die at the end? After the first scene where Yoshie defeats the Geisha assassin, she tells the tale of how she became RoboGeisha, which is the events of the movie. So this scene clearly takes place some time after Hikaru is killed and Yoshie is reunited with Kikuyakko at the end.

Here's a few reasons I think why:

1. Yoshie has the shamisen. During her story, she doesn't get this until later where she's rushing off to save the families from being killed.

2. She's fighting on the side of good. This too doesn't happen until later.

The opening scene of the movie clearly takes place after the movie's finale, so who sent Kotone to kill the business? This could potentially be told in a sequel.

(I hope I've made this statement understandable?)

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