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Contrary to popular belief, “turtle” and “tortoise” are not synonyms. A tortoise differs from a turtle in several ways: one, their shells are rounder and less flat than a turtle’s is, two, they live longer than turtles (longer, in fact, than most other life forms on Earth)…and three, they’re a lot bigger than turtles. But perhaps not as big as the tortoise at the center of Crunchyroll’s latest simuldub anime, Rising Of The Shield Hero.
The Spirit Tortoise, one of the most dreaded monsters in the world, has awakened once again. His first order of business is to trample an entire community and he won’t stop there…unless someone stops him. That job belongs to Naofumi, hero of Season One, and his friends. But wait’ll he finds out this monster wasn’t meant to wake up at this point in time. Someone made him rise on purpose…someone who may be a bigger threat!
Since Rising Of The Shield Hero is a simuldub, both Japanese and English voice tracks will be available on the same day. The...

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I have this on my Netflix, I am just waiting for a dub version. I had issues with my eyes so I cannot read subtitles unless I got my lasik surgery.


This trailer made me cry like a baby. Since we completed it, my siblings and I have been anticipating seeing this. Yes, finally, and the greatest part is that there will be a third season. I hope you're all fine so that we can all watch this together. Never give up!! Since last year, I had been anticipating the finest anime of the season. The anticipation, the hardships, the leveling up, the talents, the people being helped, the prizes, and everything has me completely enthralled!
Someone should put me in a time machine and wake me up when this show is over so I can binge watch it. The first season of this anime impacted me tremendously! This is the case currently.