General Discussion Ridley Scott Set to Replace Drew Goddard to Direct The Martian

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Ridley Scott Set to Replace Drew Goddard to Direct The Martian

If Crown Publishers had not spotted the then-eBook on Amazon, we will probably not know about The Martian. Originally self-published by American novelist Andy Weir, the Kindle edition of the science fiction novel sold over 35,000 copies in just three months -- clearly an incredible feat for a debut author. After it caught the attention...
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I'm fully on board with any film project even remotely associated with Ridley Scott! Especially when we're talking about Ridley Scott directing a sci-fi adaptation!

Although I fully admit that the later half of Ridley Scott's filmography fails to live up to the epic glory of his earlier films, I regardless find even his lesser films fascinating from a film geek perspective!

(And I had pretty much the exact same stance on Ridley Scott's more action-orientated brother Tony before he passed away!)