[SELLING] riderProxy's Middleman service: Toku/Sentai stuff, Henshin belts, zords, etc!


Can anyone from the UK/EU tell me how RiderProxy usually labels packages? Are they likely to get hit by customs, or is the value marked low enough to avoid it?

RiderProxy provides great middleman service! She has quick and clear communication, reasonable prices, and very fast shipping. I didn't think my Straw Hat would come so fast!
I will definitely come to back to RiderProxy again, and I highly recommend her to anyone ^_^


Used this service as well for the first time to get some stuff from yahoo auctions and I couldn't be more content. Communication was quick and friendly, pricing more than fair and transparent and my items arrived pretty fast and well packed. Big thanks@riderProxy! Definitely won't be long before my next order. :thumbs:
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Really good service and fast shipping! Clear communication.
Came here fast to Australia. Thank you~ I bought this case from Premium Bandai.



Hello all,
I bought a limited edition sling backpack through RiderProxy. (Rei Q's green one from Evangelion 3.0!) The service was fast, inexpensive and safe. I wear this bag everywhere now. I'm going to do all my Japan-side shopping with Amy at RiderProxy from now on. :)
- Joe C


Another great experience

I've used riderProxy many times over the past year or so. Each time I've received the items very fast. They were shipped from Japan to US and only took 4 days most times. Everything has come as described and packaged very well. The middleman fees are very reasonable too. Thanks for making everything smooth as always!

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Hard Boiler
Anyone know if this person still provides middleman service?

Hello there,
yes sure i am still doing the middleman service.
Please kindly visit my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RiderProxy-Buying-Service-182837681792557/

Unfortunately I am not very often checking my Facebook inbox.
Would you mind re-sending the above quote to my email : riderproxy.order@gmail.com

Our staff will soon get back to you with the pricing detail.
Look forward to being at your service soon.

Best regards,


Areruzeeee! Tometeminna!
Does anyone have any recent transactions with her? We we're just having a conversation last week and then when I sent a payout, she doesn't answer my e-mails for the confirmation for almost 3 days.


It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
If you're interested in selling any Rider gashats definitely give me a private message because the Amazon prices are a little crazy and I'm on a budget unfortunately

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