[SELLING] riderProxy's Middleman service: Toku/Sentai stuff, Henshin belts, zords, etc!


Just received my items thank you so much. Excellent service plus fast shipping=)
Looking forward to using your services again in the future thanks again.


This is yet another really positive feedback on RiderProxy's behalf. In the last month, I have asked her to bid for me on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, for items not related to Kamen Rider or anything like that, but she was absolutely kind, comprehensive, adaptable, and I really appreciated how she stayed rather late in Japan's timezone to bid at the last minute for me, even if sometimes it failed anyway. Her fees are also really reasonable, so do not hesitate to contact her !


Just received my items thank you so much. Excellent service plus fast shipping=)
Looking forward to using your services again in the future thanks again.

Got my 3DS LL yesterday and have to say I've had the same, positive experience. Was shipped and delivered (and more than likely cost less) than any online shops I know of. :sweat:



Hard Boiler

I'm having trouble finding S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gai for any price short of $150. Can you help me out with this? Thank you!
Hello, please kindly let me know your email. We will soon let you know about the update via email ^^//


Thank you very much, Rider Proxy!!!

Hello all! Like most of you here, I'm not from Japan and needed Rider Proxy as a middleman to purchase something and to ship it to my country. This is my very first time using such service, I never know there's one actually exist until I came across one at the other forum, that's also how I got to learn about Rider Proxy. But of course, Rider Proxy isnt the only one middleman that I approached, and naturally, comparison will come into play.

I chose Rider Proxy ultimately. Personally, I find Rider Proxy is a very precise person, she explained the fees clearly and in an easy understandable manner before she helped you at getting that certain item. Secondly, she's a very thoughtful person, she would search similar items for you if she couldnt find exact thing that you wanted. Apart from that, she's quick to respond, the most it took me two days to get her respond but on average, it's just a day or less but most importantly, she always attend to you, updating the status of your item and such.

As for her service, one word - fast! She would immediately purchase the item after the payment had been sent to her and ship it the day after she got the item from the seller. It only took me 5 days (including the weekends) to reach my place. And of course, her fees are reasonable.

To sum it up, Rider Proxy is a fun, honest, and good middleman, with a certain degree of humour during our conversation over in Facebook PM, I'll definitely be doing business with her again!


Whenever I need a middleman service or anyone I know needs one I am always going to recommend riderproxy!!
I can guarantee a prompt reply along with a very willingness to help! As I don't understand Japanese all that well, riderproxy helped greatly in preordering or ordering what I needed to! Even when I made a mistake the patience and understanding shown was great!! The shipment of the item was also well communicated and just all around a great service! I preordered an item from June and it wasn't shipped till last week, still riderproxy allowed me to preorder it and even after all that time, service was prompt and perfect! Anytime I need a middleman service I will be sure to use you!! Thank you so much for a pleasant experience and I will be sure to continue to recommend and use your services!!!


This is my first time availing of Rider Proxy's services. I placed an order for a Daigo necklace and jacket from the Premium Bandai website.


Really great experience and the transaction was very smooth! Very pleasant seller to deal with. She was always eager to answer all of my questions and helped me out whenever I had some concerns.

I will definitely be coming back for your services the next time I'm in need of a middleman! Thank you so much! :)


I am basically becoming a long-time customer, hah. It was probably my third time using her service, and I am still very satisfied. She can even contact sellers on Yahoo! Japan Auctions to try to negotiate prices for you. In that sense, she is very patient and understanding because she will stay 'at-the-ready' for you and she does not seem to mind too much if you end up not wanting to buy an item, as long as you did not already bid on it of course.

[HIDE]Willingly or not, she also avoided mentioning that there was a piece of clothing inside a package that also contained toys, and it made me avoid paying taxes that were sure to come.[/HIDE]


Is this service alive? Yesterday i sent an email and added Yahoo and gmail to my messenger. Though till now no reaction even though gmail told me the email was received by gmail server.

Its not that im in such a hurry but if this isnt working anymore i need to find an alternative...


Budou though
riderproxy is active as well as okinawam andn yokatta. the only way they won't be active is if people like us don't use their services to buy things off from japan that includes kamen rider, super sentai, ultraman, etc etc.
Been using Rider for a little over a year and a half, since I had a very bad transaction with another middle-man service.
But Rider has been great with me, no problems. My recent auctions came packaged great, and she knows I only use EMS so when she gets everything in total price and only the EMS option. Only missed 2 auctions and that was my fault for finding them last few hours. But luckly the one was reposted for less than the auction I missed. :laugh:
Bought 3 gokaiger auxillary mechs and a bunch of spare mech parts (and one oh-ranger pink key.

Excluding the loogies heres the stuff


[ame="http://s1254.photobucket.com/user/eishiba/media/PIC_0126.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh608/eishiba/PIC_0126.jpg[/IMG"]Error | Photobucket[/ame]

This is just some of what riderproxy has helped me obtain over the last year. I am very pleased with every transaction. I'm sure I will be back for more.:)
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Conducting business with RiderProxy has always been a breeze since the beginning. I first learned about RiderProxy through the recommendations of different people online. She is clear, concise, responsive. trustworthy and most of all, having a pleasing personality.

The first batch of items I ordered from Riderproxy were; a Robots in Disguise Slapper (Or Guushar in Japanese) and the fairly hard-to-find Niagara Base set from Beast Wars II. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of that haul XD

Second batch of orders

Third batch of orders

Fourth batch of orders

I recommend RiderProxy to everyone who wants a fast and reliable proxy service.
[ame="http://s1324.photobucket.com/user/Lala_Abyss/media/2014-02-05181540_zps73957d9e.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u620/Lala_Abyss/2014-02-05181540_zps73957d9e.jpg[/IMG"]Error | Photobucket[/ame][/HIDE]

This is my first two haul from Rider Proxy <3 <3 <3 !!
She was able to help me get the exclusive 20th anniversary sailor moon items in Japan
Fees are extremely reasonable
Extremely fast reply, extremely fast shipment (no custom woot woot)
Very kind and listened to requests
I love you!! <3 You are absolutely awesome
Waiting for haul #3 !! :D
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