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Mar 20, 2012
A couple of quick questions for you all. Kinda minor and a bit technical, but it's bugged me for a while so thought I'd see if anybody knew. The helmets for the Showa era Riders tend to have two methods for allowing the suit actor inside to see out: either the helmets had "teardrops"; darkened transparent pieces under the compound eyes that they could see through, or the good ole' fashioned "poke loads of holes through the compound eyes" trick used on Stronger, Super-1 and ZX. However in recent years it seems that the helmets (or at least, the non "close up" ones used in the action scenes) have either been made so that the compound eyes are at least partially an actual coloured visor the suit actor can see through, or the helmets have a couple of innocuous pinholes poked through them that the actor has to try and see out through.

So first question...does anybody know when they changed the method they used? It seems like the helmet for Shin could have just used the compound eyes like googles, but then Agito and Another Agito seem to be using the "teardrop" method to let the guy in the suit see out.

Second question: how did the suit actors for the Hibiki series Oni see anything?

Anyway, any help shedding light on it would be appreciated! :thumbs: