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Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu seems like an idea whose time has come. Or rather, an idea that’s been teased as long as the show has existed. The final shot of the opening sequence in EVERY episode is Rick, Morty and Summer speeding away in a spaceship, being chased by Lovecraft’s most famous monster, who then swallows the screen. Like that box of “Time Travel Stuff,” it seems Cthulhu is a thing the show will forever tease but never actually do…which means it’s up to the comics.
Oni Press, which has printed Rick and Morty comics practically since the series was an infant, has announced their latest will take the evil genius and his reluctant grandson in direct confrontation with the famed squidlike monster. Rick And Morty Vs. Cthulhu will launch the first of four issues this holiday season, written by Jim Zub and drawn by Troy Little (who previously collaborated on Rick and Morty’s crossover with Dungeons & Dragons).
“… If you are reading this, I’ve already succumbed to the madness,”...

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Fans had been waiting for the episode they will face the Lovecraftian monster and they wasted it in a comic.If they had turned it into a real Lovecraftian horror episode, it would have been awesome. Like Rick would believe he is fully aware of the universes and everything inside them, but when Cthulhu appears, he will en up saying all course words out of fear.