Revolver Mammoth

Hello Everyone,

First of all, thank you to all who have helped my inquiries about random Toku toys. You all were very helpful.

So this time, I was wondering about the Revolver Mammoth from Hurricanger. Are there two sizes of it? I have looked on Ebay and such, and all the prices seem to blend in with each other.

Is there more than one motorized Revolver Mammoth? I saw one with a motor that is around $150-$200... I'm pretty sure that is the large one that my Deluxe Combined Ninja Storm zords.

I also saw another one, but it is aroun $90-$150. It is also large and motorized, but it comes with a nontransforming Thunderstorm Megazord. Does anyone know is this one can also carry the Deluxe Zords as well?


theres actually 3 versions

revolver Mammoth is availible in 3 versions

Large dx

medium size, with figure,

candy toy size,

it doesnt really transform, and just shoots balls,
the back opens up for a figure