Revoltech Thread V3:IT'S ALIVE!!!!!

Given the fact that the second Revoltech thread hasn't been active for months, I've decided to make a new one. Hope you guys don't mind.

First of, to celebrate their eighth year of existence, they've decided to rerelease some of their figures under the title Legacy of Revoltech.
Among them are...

Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
Rei (Fist of the North Star)
Cattelya (Queen's Blade)
And LR-005 Ingram Unit 01 (Patlabor)

Oh and also, Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!!!


Promo pics of the Turtles show them having movable eyes.


I wonder if there'll be enough white on the eye piece to change it to pupil-less... ?

Definitely excited for these!
And in other classic 80's cartoons news, the Optimus Prime Revoltech is being re-released under the "Legacy of Revoltech" Line:

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Also, two questions:

1. Do any of the sales dollarsfor the Optimus Prime revoltech go to Pat Lee? I really hope they don't, because I wanna buy the damn thing and not line the pockets of a confirmed asshole.

2.Are amazing-syd and I the only guys who want to talk revoltech? I admit I'm a bigger fan of Figuarts , but the Professor Layton revoltech I've got is still one of the more fun display toys I have.


Has everyone given up on the line?

Anyway there has been no discussions regarding their smaller scaled revol mini, which has Kinnikuman, Solid Snake already out released.

Now on the way is Cyber Ninja and Venom Snake.海洋堂-發售日未定-revol-mini『metal-gear-solid-v』-snake/

Does anyone have any of the released figures? Being they are sort of in scale, with GI Joes and SIC Kiwami's and Marvel Universe figures, don't you guys think, the line is promising?


闇 戦士
Has everyone given up on the line?

People definitely still collect revoltech. It just seems that here on HJU people have stopped posting in other threads other than the usual SH Figuarts thread and other threads that have been stickied.

Here on HJU there used to be a wide range of discussions about all types of toy lines. But as of late no one talks about them anymore. It kinda makes coming here kinda sucky now.:disappoin


Too bad. Ive pre ordered snake to test the waters. Revoltech has also been re releasing some of the old figures under legacy of revoltech, hoping dmc gets the treatment as i have missed when they were sold


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I wouldn't mind them re releasing Anubis from Zone of the Enders. He's kinda pricey nowadays. And hopefully they finish ZOE. They still have Viola and her Orbital frame Neith left to do.

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