Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 39: "The Beginning of the End"


Written By: Yasuko Kobayashi​

Basically, the ToQgers remember how great of a guy Akira is before Akira turns on the ToQgers despite being such a great guy also did I mention Akira is a great guy? Man, wouldn't it suck if he turned on the ToQgers because he's such a great guy?

Also, Gritta continues to weaken Zed's darkness while Noire continues to plant the seeds for her plan to take over the Shadow Line.

Black Fang

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ToQ 39:

- You'd think Scrooges like the Shadows would be more active around Christmastime, or at least try to.

- I just realized: the Akira-Zalam plot is a redux of Hyuga-Bucrates from Gingaman, just with a tweaking of circumstances.

- Wouldn't they know by now how to use Drill to enter Shadow Towns without instructions? Or is it just how to find the junctions?

- For a creepy design and backstory, Tombstone Shadow has thrown out any chance of being intimidating with that ridiculous voice and obnoxious dance.

Even a dancing Ghost of Christmas Future is scarier.

- How does Scope Ressha help with slashing?

- Right doesn't hold the Bazooka by both handles.

- Why would him making giants surprise you?

- Good use of the sunset during Akira's transformation, with him wearing cowboy attire to boot.