Resident Evil Villains who are still alive and out of the open (spoilers alert)

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Resident Evil Villains usually have a short lifespan because they die on the game where they debut. The Longest Running villain in the franchise is Albert Wesker. That guy who wears shades in the dark appeared in at least four mainline games before his final demise inside a Volcano. Oswald Spencer may also count because fans read files about him throughout the series until Albert killed him.
Fans got disappointed in how most Resident Evil villains become expendable as they die after their debut.
Capcom missed the opportunity to milk the popularity of Lady Dimetrescu by killing her off on the first quarter of Resident Evil Village.
These Resident Evil villains are the exception who is still alive and waiting to strike back!
Alex Wesker
This Resident Evil Villain has one objective, and it is to transcend.
It doesn’t matter if you finish Revelations 2 with the Good ending or the...

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Capcom should stop overusing Chris Redfield. Retire the character or give him a break. Time to provide Jill with the spotlight she deserves. I think Jessica retired from the Agent Business, and she lives a lavish lifestyle from all the money Excella paid her. Jill has a living rival with Nicholai, and the 2 of them can have a trilogy of games before they can finish it once and for all. Alex Wesker might be set up as the antagonist for Rose Winters.


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Nicholai is so damn cool and deliciously evil that he rivals Albert Wesker as the most entertaining and best villain in the series. And know the best part? Nicholai possibly survives REsident evil 3, as stated in the History of Resident Evil in RE5. While his situation in the remake is more ambiguous, you'll notice there's another helicopter present where he and Jill have their final standoff, considering he survives in canon, which means he still got away from his crimes. I would love Nicholai to come back either resident 9 or a revelations 3. Resident evil needs more characters like him. Umbrella Chronicles confirms that his leaving alive via chopper is canon in the original timeline, thanks to a file you can find written by him. However, the remake may have retconned that with how it ends. The only way I see him surviving is some group, good or bad, had a helicopter pick him up. Or he was taking shelter in the underground lab and hoping for the best.


Jill deserves a Reunion with Carlos and Nicholai! Capcom wasted a charismatic villain like Lady Dimitrescu. She could have been bigger than Wesker.


There are rumors about a Resident evil Revelations 3 but I am not hearing any news about it. Rumors says that Rebecca Chambers is the main character and Alex Wesker is the villain.


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Jill deserves a Reunion with Carlos and Nicholai! Capcom wasted a charismatic villain like Lady Dimitrescu. She could have been bigger than Wesker.
Yeah Enough of Chris and Leon! Time to focus on the characters they neglected.
I would love to see Jill, Sheva, and Helena be playable again. Back to the topic, I am more excited about the rumored Resident Evil Revelations 3 rumor than Resident Evil 4 remake because of the possibility of Alex coming back.


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Now that Ethan is dead, Time to bring back Jill and have her face her unfinished Business named Nikolai. Nicholai have potential to be more popular than Wesker.


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Alex in Natalia's Body should be adult by now so she would be capable to do bioterrorist attacks. Makes me feel worried about the Burton Family.


Can you make an article about the Resident evil heroes instead because Capcom keep using Chris, Leon and Ethan while forgetting the existence of Jill, Claire, Sheva,Carlos and Sherry.


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I heard that at certain point, Evie was suppose to be Natalia and the Bakers where suppose to be the Burtons. If you think about it, Zoe kinda looks like Moira.


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In the Resident Evil Svetlana Belikova from Resident Evil: Damnation. She got arrested but she is still alive and Leon and Ada cannot beat her. The Badass Assassin president may want to have her revenge.

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