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The second trailer of Resident Village (Resident evil 8) just got released. Even though it is marketed as the 8th installment of the franchise, it is the 11th canon game in the series. Resident Evil Code Veronica, Resident evil zero, Resident evil revelations, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 are all canon.
Resident evil Village continues to what Resident evil 7 left out. After Surviving the Baker family in Louisiana. Ethan Winters and his wife Mia are now living peacefully in a secluded village in Eastern Europe. The trailer shows Mia who now has a shorter straight hair reading a bedtime story for her and Ethan’s child.
The bedtime story shows images of the tale with the characters looking like they came from the creepy children’s movie Coraline.
Chris Redfield the original main protagonist of Resident evil and also the lead characters of Resident evil Code 5 and 6 will be appearing on his 5th appearance in a row. Many fans complained of his change of appearance is...
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