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Resident Evil: Project W is the second collaboration of Behavior entertainment with Capcom’s Resident evil! In his Resident Evil 5 incarnation, Albert Wesker will be the killer. He will go with the moniker, The Mastermind.
Fans are going to get two Survivors for this chapter. Ada Wong’s incarnation in the Resident Evil 2 remake and Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero and one will be the Survivors. Wesker uses the Power of Ouroboros and a knife as his weapons.
Albert Wesker’s likeness is based on Resident Evil 5, and his Resident Evil 5 model is Ken Lally. I don’t know who his voice actor will be, but he sounded like Wesker’s long-time voice actor D.C Douglas.
Ada Wong has her Resident Evil 2 remake incarnation designed after the model Adrianna. Leon Kennedy...

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Wow, the quality of these trailers really keeps improving. didn't expect them to pick up where they left off and Meg is alive . As soon as I saw this, I knew it would bring me back. Top-tier character Wesker is. My all-time favorite character from the Umbrella saga is Wesker! I can't wait for this chapter to come out! I'm more enthusiastic than I've been in years about Dead by Daylight!


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Yes Leon and Ada are finally together! Ada Wong is very exciting addition to the Game ! Playing the ***** in red dress with Leon is going to be so much fun. I mean, since they're canonically in love, they'll be together for eternity. I use to make Feng Min wear red dress so she will be the Ada Analogue because Leon has been lonely.


I am Glad we got the real Wesker and not the Netflix Wesker.

It's a miracle that he's able to regulate the Oroborus virus in his body at such a rapid rate. if he hadn't been killed in Resident Evil 5, this is exactly what he would have become.


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Ada and Rebecca are likely Survivors, because they have upcoming Games.
Ada will be in Resident Evil 4 remake while Rebecca is rumored to be in Re9.