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It was only very recently that Capcom remade Resident Evil 3, but if you can believe it, they’re thinking of remaking it AGAIN. This time, as a board game! Tabletop publisher Steamforged Games has announced a partnership with Capcom to produce a board game experience based on RE3, and the Kickstarter will launch later this month.
Steamforged previously united with Capcom to produce the board game based on Resident Evil 2. The one for #3 will run along the same lines, following the video game’s plotline as you and several friends take the roles of Jill Valentine and other characters, attempting to escape Raccoon City while pursued by zombies and the unstoppable Nemesis. The game can be played as a series of one-shot scenarios, or you can go gonzo and tackle a massive campaign estimated at nineteen hours.
“It’s a privilege and an honour to be working with Capcom once again to bring the horrors of Raccoon City to the tabletop,” says Mat Hart, Creative Director and co-founder of...
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