Relic Space Now Available On Steam Early Access


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Relic Space seems to be a complex, strategic game that is exciting to play. I like how the focus is on nonlinear exploration and how the procedurally generated solar system can be explored at will. Being able to explore and learn new things while playing a game is always exciting.


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The mechanics of Relic Space are looks extremely well thought out, particularly the realistic combat simulation. Individual ship components can catch fire, leak power, and acquire status effects, so players must approach combat strategically. This level of complexity greatly enhances the game.


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It's cool to see publishers like Fourfold Games utilizing Steam's Early Access program to gather player feedback and advance their game. Players should have plenty of opportunities to personalize their playstyle and make each playthrough distinctive thanks to the ability to research relics to unlock new powers and equipment and learn new piloting techniques through a flexible skill tree. I'm interested in following Relic Space's development throughout its Early Access phase.

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Relic Space seems perfect for me because I like roguelike games and sci-fi settings. The deep simulation adds a level of realism and difficulty to the game, and the tactical turn-based space combat sounds like a great way to keep players interested. I can't wait to try it out and see how far I can get in the procedurally generated worlds of the game.
The attention to detail in Relic Space's mechanics is really impressive, especially with the movement rules based on actual space physics. It's great to see developers taking the time to make their game mechanics as realistic as possible, which adds a layer of authenticity to the gameplay experience. I'm excited to see how the game's physics-based movement will impact combat and exploration in the game.


Relic Space's flexible development feature, which gives players the option to buy new ships and equipment and alter their playstyle, sounds really intriguing. It's always great when a game gives players a lot of freedom and allows them to customize their gameplay to their preferences. I can't wait to start playing Relic Space and see what tactics and playstyles suit me the best.

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