Apr 3, 2009
if you go to irvine, there is a shop called Anime King. you are probably familiar with that seller on ebay. there is an actual store. you can look up the address on google. it is near the Irvine Spectrum mall.
Jan 20, 2008
I would also have to agree that for LA, Frank and Sons is your best bet for Figuarts, gundams, Robot damashii, etc. Hell even Transformers, Halo, and other types of toys. Though I personally haven't found a place that sells a wide assortment of figma there, but there are a few shops that do sell a few figmas. They're all reasonably priced too. J-town's Jungle anime, while they have nice displays, tend to mark it up quite a bit.

Only problem that I think it may pose for you is that its only opened Wednesday and Saturday at specific times.

...that...doesn't sound good at all.

Also, I made a mistake. It's not San Jose, it's San Diego.
It's over 8,000!
Aug 3, 2010
I highly recommend Frank and Son Collectible Show

It's basically a huge warehouse gathering of collectors and vendors and enthusiasts of all kinds: anime, card games, video games, sports, nergasm-y stuff, anything really.
It's located in City of Industry, here's the address:
19649 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748
Open Wednesdays and Saturdays

Might be out of your way, but it's a really great spot! :D

I heard that this is a great place.

As far as LA goes, there aren't that many. I'd recommend Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo, but they tend to overprice a lot of their figures so NO.

Pretty much everything there is 20%+ higher than other places.

I think that they sell candy toys in Mitsuwa, so if you want those, you can go there. you basically can buy everything in Anime Jungle online at a lower price.