#RecastTchalla, A debate about Black Panther

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Jan 14, 2018
#RecastTchalla is currently dividing the netizens online. Some fans started the campaign #RecastTchalla because they want the legacy of the character to continue.  Recasting characters had been around for centuries. I mean look at how many actors had played James Bond throughout the years. Some of the Bond actors already passed away too but the recastings never deleted their legacy.
Fans of T’Challa wanted his story to continue instead of him just passing the mantle. Other characters used the mantle of Black Panther in Marvel Comics.
Some fans are opposed to #RecastTchalla. They are against it because they see Chadwick Boseman as irreplaceable.

Like I will never understand their desire to do this because this is so disrespectful to Chadwick and I hope they realize it would piss off a lot more people than they realize
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