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Do you watch reality shows? What do you think about reality shows, do you enjoy watching reality shows or dislike such shows?
I enjoy watching Big Boss, which is the only reality shows that I watch regularly.


My wife is an avid fan of American Ninja Warrior. It is a contest involving strength needed by an acrobat because the obstacles are too difficult. I think it is a better program to watch on tv than the American Idol which is already trite, too much singing and dancing. With American Ninja Warrior, it is a sport and partly documentary on the profile of the contestants. The most popular contestant for the season is Kacy Catanzaro, a 5-foot woman who had completed 2 qualifying events.


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I do watch realities occasionally. None religiously due to time constraints. Some times I do get the feeling that thubgs are prefabricated and staged and that's when the charm goes off.

Have you had such feeling about any reality show?

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