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Real-Life Squid Game has been a trend among Youtube Influencers but no one made it close to the show as Mr. Beast. Thanks to his Sponsors, Mr. Beast can make a set close to the hit tv show and it is worth $3.5 million to build. They can get 456 players from his American subscribers. It all started when Mr. Beast made a TikTok video where he said that it reached a certain amount of follows he will make a real-life version of the show minus the deaths. Since there are no deaths, Players are eliminated by exploding blood bags used on movies but the liquid is green instead of Red to avoid Youtube demonetization. Since it is only a parody with no proper rights from Netflix, it is not a multi-episode series but a one-shot video.
Here is the video of the Real-life Squid Game by Mr. Beast

Just like the show, The first challenge is Red Light, Greenlight. To make the experience close to the show, He...
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