Ready for all the movie tv reruns at christmas time?

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Every christmas we are bombarded with movie reruns and l always end up watching some of them especially late at night, do you watch the movie reruns at christmas time?
It depends on what movies are going to rerun during the Christmas time. I would like to see "Christmas Carol", which I don't quite understand the story. I don't usually watch movies that often, but would like to see how "Christmas Carol" is really about this time.


Yeah, I am ready for all the Christmas movies. The only ones I even watch is grinch and charlie brown. The others are my mothers favorite and will probably be forced to watch it with her.


Absolutely. I love most movies at Christmas time and spend every night curling up with my youngest and my husband, watching our faves. Right now, we're making our way through the claymation classics, but I'm getting antsy for some Elf or a Christmas Story :)


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The only thing I dislike is that most of the movies they show are CGI / Pixar movies. I know that most people love them, but they drive me nuts.

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