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Publisher 505 Games and Malaysian developer Magnus Games have announced their co-op sim game Re:Legend will become a complete, fully finished product when it leaves Early Access and is sold on the regular Steam marketplace September 6.
You’ve awoken on the enchanted island of Vokka, populated by magical creatures known as Magnus. You don’t remember anything about yourself, but maybe you’ll be able to find an identity as you adapt to the land and start growing a farm for yourself (and possibly a friend….two or more can play at once).
Half of the game is growing your farm and the other half is exploring Vokka, seeing what you can find. Magnus can be quite friendly when tamed, but will attack you on sight if they don’t know you. You can either fight the Magnus you encounter, or try to contain and domesticate them. You need to capture at least some, as they’ll aid your survival in many ways. You can even ride a Magnus to reach remote areas of the island quickly.
Also, this isn’t a...

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Hey I just met you!
Oh the characters looks cute, I really love the Chibi art style. I wanna squish their cheeks.