Rangerboard down?


has left HJU. Not coming back.
It seems that everyone's favorite site, Rangerboard down temporarily. Anyone know what is wrong?



He should know better not to be sarcastic about something as serious as that.

Rangerboard being our favorite site...almost scared me.
^ Blasphemy!

Y'all don't even know the cheap shots they take once and awhile.

I remember one from when I was a member:

Guy: "I got this off of HJU, turns out KRDK is premiering in January"

Other Guy: "That piece of **** is still around? I thought Keith died years ago"

Another Guy: "HJU isn't competition"

TommyIsGod: "HJU is for gays"

I promise you I'm not making this up, I could find the direct links to it if I could still log in.

I remember that motherfucker; TommyIsGod as he was the bastitch that got me banned from the board just because I dared stand up to him a few years back when Steve Irwin died and he said on RB that he was glad that Steve had died and he didn't get banned because he had special privileges from Ray-Z himself...

I agree with most of the people in this thread in that most of the members of RB aren't douchebags, it's just a minority of them plus most of the admins [with the exception of LisaJ who's pretty cool in my book] that give RB it's current bad rep.


We're going down a dark path here, one that is actually against the rules. HJU, as always, is not a site for airing your grievances against RB. Don't start it, guys, because then we have to shut down the thread and the legitimate conversation.


Well, you guys know my opinion of that "community", so suffice it to say I'd lose no sleep if it went down for good. Quite the contrary, I'd probably sleep like a baby...

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