Rangerboard down?


It was, and I thought it seemed very clear it was...

The fact that I know alot of people on this site hate Rangerboard for no reason is why I decided to put the favorite part in my topic!

I do like Rangerboard tho...

As obvious as it was, I just wanted to point out that sarcasm can't always be detected in text form. Some people prefer Rangerboard, I myself prefer HJU as my main forum, so for there sake, I do hope the site gets back up.


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I love Kamen Rider also but im just saying...

And for the record Punk have you ever been on RB yourself? Most of the members are not assholes. You know what RB says about HJU? You dont want to hear...

Wait so It's worse then what we say?? Then I guess we have a right to talk about them don't we. lol


It's not a rivalry per say...It's just RB is mostly filled with doucebags and HJU isn't. Pretty simple.


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It's back.

sshhhh, nothing's back. lol It was a quick question, punk will give the answer then we're done.....


EDIT: oh ****, I thought you meant the whole rb vs hju argument was back..:laugh: nvm.


^ Blasphemy!

Y'all don't even know the cheap shots they take once and awhile.

I remember one from when I was a member:

Guy: "I got this off of HJU, turns out KRDK is premiering in January"

Other Guy: "That piece of **** is still around? I thought Keith died years ago"

Another Guy: "HJU isn't competition"

TommyIsGod: "HJU is for gays"

I promise you I'm not making this up, I could find the direct links to it if I could still log in.

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