Rangerboard down?


It could be bandwidth problems, server issues or maybe Ray-Z forgot to pay for the domain.

Keith Justice

New Member
I care about the RangerBoard, and I'm the most important person here... I think. :loltongue:

Anyway, I guess that makes us the new kings of the fandom. :castlerock:


"So Fetch!"
It seems that everyone's favorite site, Rangerboard down temporarily. Anyone know what is wrong?
Yes, make a thread on one board suggesting another board is "everyone's favorite" this sounds like a plan..

or not.


"So Fetch!"
I'll admit it is odd, there's been instances where RB won't load but I think it's been down for a few hours now.


I thought it was sarcasm?

It was, and I thought it seemed very clear it was...

The fact that I know alot of people on this site hate Rangerboard for no reason is why I decided to put the favorite part in my topic!

I do like Rangerboard tho...

I think It's breaking one of the 10 board commandments...and It's the 1st one too.

I was never a man who liked to follow rules even the most sacred ones!

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