Random Toku Finds


Well my boyfriend found and bought this for me yesterday at our local comic book shop. I'm so happy and surprised that he found something like this for me which contains the exact episodes that I am on even though it is not subbed but still a GREAT find! :anime:


This was really surprising that they had something like this and even crazy enough that he found it there. This started to make me think, has anyone else found random things like this at your comic shops or something like that?
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Unless I'm missing a REALLY subtle toku-related joke that's being made in the "image not available" image that has been posted by the OP, I've said it before, I'll say it again, and people will still not get the message/get the hint that hotlinking images fails.



Sorry about that. I didn't know it happened until not that long ago. I should of just put up the link instead of doing that. I just didn't want the picture to be huge taking up all the space everywhere. Sorry about that and lesson learned for today.

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