Random Assortments of Toku Goodness.


Old School Justice
:shame:Rule #1: No haggling.
Note about this.
I will haggle a little but don't pm me exepecting to get something for half of what i have listed. Really some people on hear are not catching onto the idea of haggling.

Rule #2: Paypal and certified funds only.

Honestly, nothing needs to be said about this.

Rule #3: Use Private Messaging.

If you have a private question to ask about (shipping amount, a Paypal question, etc….) please, do not post it in the thread. Send me a PM and we’ll discuss it there. If you just make a post in the thread it’s possible I could overlook it, and I don’t want that happening.

Rule #4: No bullshitting.

If you are someone who calls for an item, takes up my time, and then gives me a cop-out answer as to why you cannot pay (ie-My rocketship broke down. A t-rex ate my mother….etc), then I will not deal with you in the future. Please, don’t waste my time if you’re just going to bid for fun with no intent to ever pay for the item you’re calling for. It wastes my time, and you might miss out on a Megazord or Battlizer you really want in the future due to shooting me in the face previously.

Payment: Paypal: TuxedoK@hotmail.com
or Cash.

Shipping: Send me your zip I'll send you a shipping cost.

lost driver (Driver only), Core medals (Not the medal sets, Candy or gasphon) Gasphon Ranger Keys.


Falconzords: Good one: 15 One Legged Version: 8

Selling the other 4 since i only really want the one key. (The Gekired key)
10 bucks each should cover shipping to pretty much anywhere in the usa.
GaoRed Key sold to Zeon.

Samurai Drago Set: 75
Comes with Jamb, Torb and Eletric Grid Servo.
Combines into Jet mode, Drago mode and Samurai Phormo

Xenon Program Set: 60
Borr: Drill tank
Tractor: White Tank
Vitor: Jet
Combined together to from Xenon or Samurai Synchro

Junked Servo: 5 (or comes with Xenon set)

Tigerhawk: (missing missiles): 14

Bum leg Sepenterra: Best offer (not expecting a lot on this)

Unicron: 36 (Comes with 4 minicons)

Qudro blaster: 15

Space Ranger Set: 40

Remote Control Beyblades (Comes with 2 free regular beyblades): 20

Ghost Busters Proton Pack Gun....(lack of better terms.: 15-20 bucks, really open to offers on this one.

Delta Driver: 88
(Got from a fellow rangerboard half year or so back. Taken outta box a couple times, and box itself has a tiny dent from orignal owner.)

Chrono Morpher: 25



Time Force Badge: 14

Ninja Storm morpher (Comes with 4 disks and transmorpher strap): 10
Magna Deffender Figure: sold

Turbo Ram: (kids version) 12

Turbo Blade: 5

Zeo set: 10

Zeo set 2: 10


Rescue Megazord ( and feet bracket things): 40 (Guns sold)

Mega Winger: 24

Astro Megazord Figure/playset: 10
Mega Winger Figure/playset: 10 (comes with tiny silver ranger, galaxy glider and tiny cycle
Armored Silver Ranger: 5


Super Boy figure and Hover Cycle: 12

Xyber 9 Robot: 10

Archer and Insaniac: 14

Beast wars happy meal toys: 10 for the set

Wolfang: 10
Transmetal Trantulus: (missing one leg): 8

X-Brawn: (silver van): 8
Prowl: (police car): 8
Trunks: sold

Purple Shockwave: Sold
Oilslick: 8

Samurai Prowl: (with a bit of a wonky leg):8
Bumblebee: 8

Swindle: 8
Sentiel Prime: 8

6 Dollar Zone
All items below 6 dollars each (before shipping)

Black automorphs

Griffin and Unicorn Zords

Batman random toy

Marvel Figures

Help support my adventure through the stars :D
I have a Sagouzo medal set (2 gasha 1 candy). I'd like the $15 Falconzord :)

Edit: Nevermind, I'll pay cash. What's shipping to Singapore like?
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