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We’re gradually learning more and more about Suzume, the next anime film from director Makato Shinkai (Your Name, Weathering With You). He’s basically the most successful anime director of the last ten years so all eyes are on his latest project. The music score is usually one of the last elements to go into a film, and Shinkia announced he’s decided who’s doing it: RADWIMPS, a composer group formed in 2001 and working in film and TV scoring since 2005.
The news isn’t really all that surprising since RADWIMPS also scored Shinkai’s previous two films. But this time, the group will be joined by Seattle-based Hollywood film composer Kazuma Jinnouchi, whose credits include both American and Japanese productions. Also, for reasons we’re not entirely clear about, the score will be recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London instead of the domestic locations RADWIMPS has used before.
“The process of developing a sound that can coexist with RADWIMPS’ amazing mood and energy was simultaneously...

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I don't know anything about Radwimps but all I know is that director of this Made Your name and Weathering with you. To big blockbuster movies.


Shayla thanks for sharing the song.Although for some reason it makes me want to cry, this song has a calming effect on me nonetheless. I looooove everything about this. Even though the movie hasn't even been released yet, I can't stop listening to the score.