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About three days ago Oddfish Games launched the crowdfunding campaign for their latest tabletop RPG modification product, the Radiance Adventure Engine. It’s turned into their most successful campaign to date, reaching its initial funding goal in less than 72 hours.
What the RAE is meant to do is convert ANY multiplayer tabletop game into a single-player experience. Most tabletop RPGs are meant to be played by more than one person, but Oddfish’s system of plug-in cards promises to make any game self-driving.
The Radiance Adventure Engine acts as its own GM, generating a random sequence of story events through a card deck. It uses a four-act narrative structure broken down into eight Adventure Stages. At each stage you draw Story and Detail cards to create the specific scenario, then decide what your character or characters should do next. The Radiance Adventure Engine can also be used in a multiplayer format, allowing the GM to quickly generate scenarios by drawing cards (or in...

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This proves the number of loners are increasing. I mean who wants to play a single player DND? that game is fun to play with friends.


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With 25 days to go left, Its about time for them to offer some stretch goals and rewards. I never imagined that a single player table top dice game actually have a demand.