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I find that I may be the type to run off with his thoughts, so I wanted to edit my initial post and clarify a bit.

Hey there. It has been along time since I was last here, huh? Sorry about that. Wasn't my plan, but you know how it is. But there's really no help in going into where I've been or why. The point is, I'm still a fan of this stuff, and it's been a long time since I have had a nice rp or really been able to talk much about it. However, this place does seem a bit more empty and quiet than I remember, and I find myself worrying if I'm too late entirely. So this is a sort of general call just to see who is here. If anyone has been thinking about starting something and wonders about interest or help, well, I'm here and feeling very open to doing something. And if anyone might be interested if I started something, well, I would be interested in both getting myself in gear to finish ideas I already had as well as discussing things you might want so we could maybe try and get something going sooner rather than later.

More than once I thought about rp ideas to maybe start, planning a bunch of ideas before drifting off. No ideas were finished, but there were two main ones that I came back to a lot.

The first was a magically themed story. My interest in certain philosophical ideas may have led me in circles as I tried to tie in concepts of belief connected to reality and things that were lost in modern times. At its core, however, was a story about dreams. The idea of younger kids as Riders, possibly with bicycles that are elevated to something amazing when they transform, taking on a more fairutale-esque adventure based on their own love of heroes and stories seems fun to me, as does the idea of trying to be a bit more cartoony with the design of the transformed state itself. So if anyone would like to get into that idea say so!

The other idea may perhaps have come from a more shallow start: simply put, I was doodling a Kamen Rider on a jet ski. It seemed like a fun idea, though, and I thought about water-themed settings, arcology islands, Venice, reefs, and the nature vs technology concepts that come to mind when discussing the ocean. Adding in whale songs, I thought about music and the idea of harmony, thinking that Riders using a mixture of organic and artificial elements could be battling two extremes, using musical and sealife motifs.

If either of these sound interesting, or if anyone out there would be interested in talking about more ideas to try and get something going, I'm all ears.
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