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Fans of oldschool, overhead RTS games will want to consider Purple War, a new addition to the genre from developer Warlogics. The game is entering Early Access this summer.
Gameplay in Purple War is traditional RTS stuff like the kind seen in Starcraft and Age of Empires. You pick a race and control the army in matches that support up to four players. Between battles, you build your base, mine for purple resources, and recruit more troops to your numbers. You can also employ tactics like scouting, sabotage and surprise attacks…but so can your enemies.
Why is the war purple anyway? It’s because in the fantasy land of Daivos, miners have just discovered a valuable new material called Purple Stone. Up to that point, humans, elves and orcs lived in harmony, but since there isn’t enough Purple Stone to go around, and everyone desires it, they all want to be the race that controls supply. And that’s how the great Purple War began.
“This project was born from the nostalgia of playing...

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