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The action RPG Punishing: Gray Raven is a hit on mobile devices in Japan and China, and its creator Kuro Game has announced it’s now expanding its reach to everywhere else. Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia will get their own versions of the game starting this summer.
The Earth has been taken over by machines, guided by an all-corrupting virus known as the Punishing. Mankind now lives in refuge on the space station Babylonia, and they’ve been building up strength and resources to lead a charge to take the planet back. You are commander of the Gray Raven unit of that army, and your main goal is to beat back the bots and reclaim the planet through action-combat missions.
Some of your most valuable members will be full-body cyborgs called Constructs, and Kuro Game revealed three of them today: Lucia, Liv & Lee. Get to know them through their own trailers and character descriptions…

Captain of the Gray Raven squad. A young and driven swordmistress, capable...
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