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Public domain is the status of characters like Huckleberry Finn, Zorro, Cinderella, and Sherlock Holmes. Their creators passed away over 70 years. That means they do not belong to a family or company anymore. Once a character reaches this status, Every Filmmaker can make their own interpretation of them without any consequences. We have a Winnie the Pooh horror movie and a movie where Zorro is gay.
Batman almost became Public domain in 2013 and 2014.
Thanks to Disney holding on to Mickey Mouse, it got extended. Disney lobbied for a law extending the public domain from 50 to 70 years. Who would have thought a Rival company saved them from being available for everyone?
Batman and Superman will become Public Domain in a decade and two years. That means anyone can make their version of them. Disney will take advantage of that and put them in...

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I think this is the Reason why Batman Beyond and Jon Kent are created. DC tried making replacements who will takeover the mantle. Terry fails and Jon is still a work progress.


Is that like being retarded?
I do not wan't some no Budget Indie directors make their own version. Hell no!


I hope DC can pull a miracle and stop this from happening. I don't want a Pooh Movie scenario we have now.


From what I know, Every DC comics issue after DC comics Number 27 are still not Public Domain. So No Robin, Alfred, Catwoman, Livewire and any other characters created after that. Your Batman and Superman version can only look like the ones from issue Number 27 and below.


The movies that result from them entering the public domain could be terrible, but on the other hand, it could also lead to great movies that push the envelope in ways that DC Comics does not want to see. Imagine the imaginative freedom and untapped potential of a well-written Batman or Superman movie if DC Comics didn't place any restrictions on it. Although it is risky, I am willing to consider it as an option.


This year we got three Pinocchio movies and a dark violent videogame, Last year we also have two Pinocchio movies. I can Imagine 12 years from now, IF DC fails to find a way to extend the copyright, we could end up having a year with 5 Batman movies.
This, in my opinion, also serves as a pretty good justification for why certain fans react so negatively to character changes in adaptations. The character's popularity is a result of more than just his or her power set, attire, or moniker. Any of those affects the character, and if you make enough modifications, there will be a disconnect that can have an adverse effect on the response. For example, even if a comedy with horror aspects is presented to someone who was expecting a straight horror film, they may be so disappointed that they will despise the film. Just look at the backlash from the Little Mermaid. Fans wants to see the characters they love how they grew up with it.


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I also have a Superman concept that I've been mulling over for a long. I am excited for them to become free Because once these figures are in the public domain, there is a lot of room for innovative interpretations and creative approaches that aren't filtered via cynical businesses and disinterested authors. I believe I can elevate Superman to new heights as a budding author, yet DC Comics will not hire me. I'll thus wait if it takes 12 years.


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These characters will not become Public Domain! Not to mention that, even if it does, its use and ability to deal with trademarks will be severely constrained. If someone writes a book and does the smallest thing incorrectly, they will be sued till they are bankrupt! Businesses like Disney will find methods to circumvent the rule, benefiting their rival Warner Bros in the process.


I think now I know why Marvel and DC are creating this Mantle replacement characters so once they become Public domain, The replacement are already dominantly popular. Miles Morales is created so Once Peter Parker becomes Public domain, Marvel will have a Spiderman to hold on to. It is also the reason why Black Falcon becomes Captain America. A mantle replacement character can fully takeover. Look Barry Allen is not the original Flash but he is the one everyone knows.


They must enter the public domain. Instead of saying, Superman has to be nerfed or depowered or fully powered but won't utilize his full might," When he is around Justice League. Time to make Superman once again Superman. I especially enjoyed the "all Star Superman" for this reason. because there was no Batman, Justice League, or Dark Side. When they appeared to be close to Superman, they always managed to depower him and prevent him from being Superman. All others, however, are free to be who they are.


If DC fails to protect their copyright, I can see people give Batman Super Powers or Every Nationality make their own spin on Superman once they became free.


Dc should do something because I do not want Batman or Superman suffer the same fate with Winnie the Pooh. I do not want someone to bastardize them because they can.


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People are already taking advantage of them even if they are not Public domain. Look at all those Parodies and Elsagate videos.


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I'm kind of surprised by people's takes on this. In the past, stories stuck because the characters meant something to a culture & there were good & bad versions, but specific stories & motifs survived because they resonated the most & the ones that didn't were forgotten.

Albeit, this is also generally why most people know a lot of old stories through Disney & other films & aren't aware of any aspects of the original books/ anthologies the stories came from which weren't put in there (not just morbid endings of certain Grimm fairy tales, but also the fact that the Wizard of Oz actually keeps going after Dorothy kills the witch & they get their gifts from the wizard, for instance. They have to go on a whole other quest to track down Glenda, whereas the movie just makes her show up & help them.) & there is a disconnect in that.

As someone who wanted to be a creator & writer, though, I'm interested to see how modern culture will evolve, now that some of our own stories are going to be open to interpretation, now.