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 Psy is back after years of silence. He is here to prove he is still got it! In 2012, His song Gangnam Style captured the whole world by storm. That song got 4,402,907,788 views on YouTube and, at a certain point, was the most viewed video of all time until Despacito defeated it. Gangnam Style got viral because of its music video’s humor and easy-to-follow dance steps. Because of that song, everyone and their Grandma were doing the horse-riding dance steps at weddings and birthday parties.
He followed it with the song Gentleman, which got 1.4 Billion views. Billboard decided to use Youtube Views and social media engagement as a factor for a song to chart. Before, it was all about album sales, but streaming and views are now a factor. The success of his first two international crossover songs opened the floodgates for KPOP. Americans slowly became more open-minded to South Korean acts and other Asian Acts. It also influenced...

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So how come I didn't know about this? I agree with you, this is turned all the way up. From start to finish you see and hear the potential. It even looks like he spent some big time money on choreography this time .😄I can't wait to catch the dance moves. Love it, love it!


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Wow he lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him in a Music video which is a duet with Snoop Dog.