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The game is unfinished. How do I know it? it's made intentionally unbeatable...
Joking, but only partially. 9th chapter is impossible. you have to beat all 9 villains, on ONE HEALTH BAR! No means of healing yourself whatsoever.
And if it wasn't bad enough, there's constantly respawning doppleganger, that follows you and you CAN'T avoid him, because the stage is full of rotating platforms... Which he doesn't activate.

It's basically impossible. It's one of those games., where avoiding damage is a luck based mission. Due to very common issue of outsorcing your programming to the lobotomized monkeys, sometimes enemy's combo still follows you even after you dodged, in impossible manner.

okay, now that i've beaten the game on normal, i can clearly say that your comment on the difficulty of the game is overrated, if you play the game blindly a la climax heroes and just mash buttons then yes, it's impossibly hard, now timing, and the understanding of JP language will make the game that much more easier

so here's the answer to all of those difficulties:

Q:beating 9 bosses with a single lifebar!/there's no healing in the game!/constantly respawning mooks![HIDE]
A:well, that's what cards are for, there are several numbers of cards, rare and common that actually heals you when you use them

i myself have two of these currently, one is the rare/gold version of the Diana Counter card(turtle spaceship flying with a moon background, from turn A gundam), found during my stage 1 run using Turn A IIRC, which means its not that hard to find, the other being the card that you seem to always get when you actually beat all 9 bosses, it's a common/non rare card

the diana counter card restores about 3 segments of your HP back, while the other restores 2, this lets you restore 5 crystals in EVERY fight, plus it doesnt have "reload" time when you use it so you can use another card again immediately

this brings us to the constantly respawning doppleganger, when you find you're really out of HP and need some healing, just teleport back to the main board and lure the mook into the SP floor and just fish for the healing cards and then finish the mook with a finisher, repeat until you get enough HP to tackle the boss, in other worlds, the infinite mook is a godsend

also when you defeat all 9 bosses a healing pad will appear before you get to the final boss, so there, more heals[/HIDE]

Q;the enemies are too hard!/does impossible stuffs![HIDE]
A:not really, and even if you really sucked at this game, you can always play it on EASY(lose 2`3 times and you'll be offered this), where the enemies becomes very dumb in exchange of you not leveling up your characters, ever, in that stage(EXP drops from 2200 per match into 220)

the trick to fight against the endgame foes is to try and build your finisher ASAP and hit them clean with it, killing them with normals is too time consuming and using Judgment isn't really an option later on since the enemy will almost always have a better card set than you do, to do this just stock up on soul cards and spam special at them

-for god gundam, just connect with the forward launcher and use your SP right after it, it should launch the enemy upwards and lets you perform the aerial combo, keep doing this or the god finger loop and you'll get your spirit filled in no time, with the enemy suffering some major damage too, you must buff HP, Attack, and Defense, in that order, even without grinding you should be able to max attack and HP by the time you beat chapter 7

-for the riders, i only use OOO, and he's good enough by just buffing his SOUL stat and spam the close SP attack every time your melee connects(before the launcher part) or got evaded, the SP attack does multiple hits and has an ungodly 360* AOE so enemies that tries to dodge/counter your melee combo will get hit by it

(i don't use ultramens, so no luck for those who mains them)

dodging enemy attacks only works 50% of the time, it's best to guard everything instead+break/counter with your HERO assist IMO, and you can waste the enemy's finish mode by running away and wait until they attempt their ranged super, guard/dodge it and you have a toothless enemy...

the final boss is a pushover, he has all 3 series traits (air kick combos, strong projectiles, rapid shots while strafing), but other than that he's nothing special, he has several powerful cards that makes you very slow, teleports him around the stage, and heal 5 units of his HP back but he only does it once per match randomly, just hit him with a finisher and kill him before he gets to heal himself and you'll be just fine[/HIDE]

Q:i always lose in judgment battles!/how to win?[HIDE]
A:there are many ways to win a judgment battle

1.be stronger than your enemy by default, this happens when you counter their super attack with a finisher and have maxed your attack stats, you will almost always win no matter how lousy your cards are

2.only bring cards of the same colors, one way to boost your damage greatly during this phase is you "chain" cards, which is doable when you have/and picked the same colored cards in succession during judgment, but it's impossible to bring a single colored deck unless you really luckly and likes to grind for hours

3.bring only uber rare cards, these cards have great judgment effects, ranging from great increasi in attack power to slowing down enemy gauge, get the same effect 3~5 times in a row and you'll guaranteed to win(slow the enemy 5 times and he won't have time to use more than 2 cards before judgment is over)[/HIDE]

Q:what do we get for clearing the game?
A:you'll get several things:

1.you will unlock Hero customize for the character you beat the game with, this feature lets you to reassign all the points that you have used freely, you can take away stats you don't think is necessary(anymore) and transfer them to other stats

2.you will unlock one more limit break stats for your character(for god gundam, it's his HP stat, with his DEF stat getting a limit break after chapter 7~8)

3.you will unlock Hero customize for all 3 extra characters, provided you have unlocked them all before beating the game

there's probably more if you managed to beat the game with everyone and in hard mode too but i don't think i have the will to do that with characters i don't like...


wall of text

I have beaten final chapter days ago. Really, my problem is that I have no idea what cards do. Otherwise I was doing fine. At this point none of that matters though. The game no longer holds my attention at all. But others probably will find your explanation helpful.

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