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Kinda the same glitch as before.Except it's more super.Actually, the platform's wider, allowing you to warp a little farther.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sl16wW9I1w"]Strange RG2 Glitch 2 The Streets Super (1) Edition Featuring Skull - YouTube[/ame]

I've noticed that this glitch works WAY better with Super-1.
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so, i finally beat everything in this game

play time: 27:30 hrs
stage clears: 260
mission clears: 104 stars
current money: 225000 coins
lv 99 chars: fourze, meteor, eternal, proto birth, zx, super-1
maxed out chars: fourze, meteor, super-1

upon clearing 260/all of the stages you will get 100k coins
upon clearing all 104 of the missions you will get the last life charge upgrade(8 to 9)

all in all the game is much more fun than RG1, at least i can bear clearing everything now, back then i quitted after beating every single stage, because playing in higher difficulty doesnt yield new unlockables, missions, or anything.

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You'd be lucky to find any sprite sheets from the first game.

The sprites in the RG games are not a single sprite, they are multiple entities(sprites) moving together to create a single, larger sprite. Because of that, it is extremely difficult to rip the sprite from the game and then assemble them onto a sheet. You could rip the sprites unassembled but good luck with that.

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At least going by the DS-Versions, ripping the sprites from the first game is at least still more doable -- because while the sprite-sheets still do use a somewhat unusual, stacked-together-format that requires a lot of pixel-shifting and size-adjusting to really get ALL the sprites, they're at least readable in raw-format by most DS-file-explorers.

RG2, on the other hand… yeah, no dice there, the sprites of most things appear to be encrypted in a way that is beyond my simple understanding of things. Some enemy-sprites and such aren't, but I can't get a fix on the palettes for THOSE. :B

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