PS4 vs. Xbox One

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The 2 biggest gaming console players have just released their new consoles. The PS4 comes in at $399 and arguably has better graphics, streaming at launch and a touch pad built into the controller. The Xbox One comes with Kinect 2.0 at $499. Their goal is to unite all your entertainment by having TV, Skype and games all built in. Both consoles now need subs to play online although Xbox still keeps things like Netflix behind a paywall. Which are you going with and why?


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I'm definitely going for the PS4, it seems more game-focused while the XBone feels like a media center to me.
Either way I'm not getting one right away so I'm not too worried about it yet, there's still time to see what exclusives each console gets.


I remember seeing a video on YouTube saying how game consoles have to become all in one media systems. That seems like a really silly idea because then why are they called video game consoles?

The fact is that gamers what gaming consoles and not media consoles.

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