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Okay okay I know we already have Garage Hero Productions and Jabronie Pictures but I was just thinking that Singapore-based group TokuAsia has their own film group. Then I was thinking "what if HJU had their own film group?". I mean yeah we have Garage Hero Productions and Jabronie Pictures for our fan-made Toku fix but TokuAsia could've had a member of theirs forming his/her own film group separate from TokuAsia Productions to make his/her own Toku. And not only that, I know that we have pretty awesome film directors in Garage Hero Productions and Jabronie Pictures but what if we brought more than one filmmaker together to form such a group like HJU Productions. I mean last year in late 2010, I applied for college in the US for this year's fall semester at USC for freshmen year. Results for freshmen admission to USC doesn't come out until April this year but if I do get accepted in, I wanna hopefully meet-up with some of the other aspiring filmmakers or screenwriters to formed HJU Productions. Not only that, I have some really cool ideas to make my own Toku or films that I really wanna do. So who's with me? Wanna join up with me?

P.S.: Sorry if I sound like a total noob in my words here. I'm not so good with conveying my words online very well.


It's over 8,000!
USC? Nice. One of my brothers has pure talent with pretty much everything including writing, so you may want to meet with him. :thumbs:

Before anyone asks, we are not of the same family.

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