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Name: Ichiro Imagawa

Age: 19

Sectfighter Name: Sectfighter Drake


Weapons/Gear: Sectreader, CardGun, Drake Gun

Signature Cards: Repeat Shot, Burst Shot, Sniper Shot (Increases range of his shots)

Bio: Like Megumi, Ichiro was one of the few students at Hayami University that knew about the impending Gaeon invasion and helped in the revival of the B-Project. Unlike Megumi, Ichiro isn't as helpful as she is at helping her fellow students or teammates. He comes from a rather wealthy family and many students think that he just bought his way into the university. This annoys him greatly, and the fact that he orders people around to do things for him doesn't help his case at all. He was getting impatient with the Gaeon arriving, so he decided to continue his studies at a different university, much to the chagrin of Megumi and the EDF staff. With word of the Gaeon's arrival, however, Ichiro's ready to return as leader of Squad C, but his princely attitude will surely get on his teammates nerves.

He was found to have a high B-Factor level, which could have allowed him to be assigned to Squad A or B. He instead chose to be Drake because of his dislike of close range combat and so he could boss around more people. This has his fellow squad mate Xue see him as a coward, and she frequently goes against his orders.


I might go back to Xue's profile and give her some signature cards as well, seeing as how she is part of the support squad.

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