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The Gaeon Empire, a nomadic race of vile beings who for many years have moved from planet to planet, using up their resources and leaving nothing but barren wastelands in their wake. It was only a mater of time before the reached our solar system and targeted the only planet capable of supporting life, our home world of Earth, whose technology is far behind that of theirs. But due to an odd twist of fate or a sheer stroke of good luck, a transmission from one of their victim worlds reached earth warning them of the impending attack.

Earth's last hope was an old super soldier project known as as Project-B, which was designed to take the combat worthy characteristics of insects and putting them into a high-tech armor for human use, there was one big flaw though: the armor could only by used by people who possesed a rare gene known as the B-Factor, which was named due to its necessity in the project. The project was abandoned once, but with the news of the impending invasion it has been picked up once again by the newly formed Earth Defense Force in order to provide earth with some sort of defense against the alien threat.

Hayami University, on the surface a well respected educational institution attended by the worlds best and brightest but in reality a cover for the EDF's scouting organization whose purpose is to find those that posess the B-Factor gene and recruit them into the elite group known as Sectfighter ,which is dedicated to fighting of the invaders with the use of the B-Project weaponry.

Now the invasion has begun, the Sectfighters must be recruited,united and armed to handle this threat! Will they be able handle it? Will the myriad of different people be able to work togehter well? Only time will tell.


1. no godmoding our powerplaying (In some cases involving villains it is allowed but still ask before doing so)

2. if you wont be able to post for a while have someone (other than me) cover for you

3. Try to post regularly, but dont double post

4. pay attention to posts

6. Try not to leave people behind and dont rush the plot

7. Relationships are allowed but dont make the whole rp about it. And if you play multiple characters they cannot be in a romantic relationship because that is just plain annoying.

8. Have fun and dont be afraid to ask me questions about things in the rpg.


Sectfighter Squads:
Squad A: The general purpose unit made up of Sectfighter Azul, Sectfighter Rosso and Sectfighter Verde. Their armor is slightly older than the other two squads.

Squad B: The heavy assualt squad designed for dealing alot of damage and taking alot of damage at the same time made up of Sectfighter Gold, Sectfighter Argen and Sectfighter Violette

Squad C: A squad with the purpose of supporting the other two squads in mind, their weapons can be linked up with the weapons used by the other squads as well as each others weaponry. This Squad is made of of Sectfighter Blaze, Sectfighter Drake, Sectfighter Echo and Sectfighter Venus.


Henshin Devices:

The three henshin devices used by the Squad A sectfighters

Smaller henshin devices used by Squad B whic utilize a special data card system

Squad c's henshin devices which were modeled after Squad B's changers


Squad A Weaponry:
Squad A's main side arm which has different firing patterns and attacks that can be used depending on the code entered into it.

A short sword based on a beetle's horn which can be linked uo with the Codegun

Azul Blade
Sectfighter Azul's personal Weapon

Crush Claw
Sectfighter Verde's personal weapon

Quad Laser
Sectfighter Rosso's personal weapon

Squad B Weapons:

The side arm used by both Squads B and C, its abilities are determined by the cards used with it.

Gold Lancer
Sectfighter Gold's personal Weapon

Argent Crusher
Sectfighter Argent's personal weapon

Violette Spear
Sectfighter Violette's personal weapon

Squad C weapons:

See above

Echo Blades
Sectfighter Echo's personal weapon

Echo Magazine
Sectfighter Echo's CardGun enhancer

Drake Gun
Sectfighter Drake's weapon, can be used independantly or as an add on for the CardGun.

Blaze Scope
Sectfighter Blaze's CardGun enhancer

Blaze Cannon
Sectfighter Blaze's arm mounted cannon

Venus Cannon
Sectfighter Venus's personal weapon.


Squad A:
Sectfighter Azul: Shun Kazuma/Kai Narukami
Sectfighter Verde: available
Sectfighter Rosso: Megumi Hoshikawa/Gatack Striker

Squad B:
Sectfighter Gold: Tetsuya "Tetsu" Sakaguchi/played by me
Sectfighter Argent: Jiro Yamaguchi/Henshiner
Sectfighter Violette: Yuriko Kobayshi/MagiPink

Squad C:
Sectfighter Blaze: available
Sectfighter Drake: available
Sectfighter Echo: Xue Hong/Denjin_Zaboga23
Sectfighter Venus: available

Non-Squad Affiliated Sectfighters:
Sectfighter Proto: Shawn Masters/Neko-Ranger
Sectfighter Dark: Nagisa Ichinose/Zaku

And finally here is my profile as an example:

Name: Tetsuya "Tetsu" Sakaguchi

Age(17 to 19): 19

Sectfigher name: Sectfighter Gold


Weapons/Gear: Sectscanner,CardGun, Gold Lancer

History: Unmotivated, perverted, aggressive, hot-blooded yet very lazy, a type of person that would generaly be kicked out of Hayami University within his first week. The kind of person that doesnt even seem like he could get into such a place due to his grades being average at best when he was back in school. Nevertheless he is a student at Hayami University and has been there for a little over a year, despite utterly failing most of his classes and starting fights with people he doesnt quite see eye-to-eye with on a regular basis. Needless to say this fact shocks the hell out of the teachers and his fellow students at the university, but his presence there can all be explained by one thing which finds it's roots in the true purpose of the university: an exceptionally powerful B-Factor gene that would make him an ideal user for a suit of Sectfighter armor, which is why those in charge allow him and encourage him to remain at Hayami University so that when the Gaeon finally invade they would have a strong Sectfighter readily available to don a suit of armor.

Due to his personality and high B-Factor reaction he was placed on Squad B and was determined to be the ideal user for the Sectfighter Gold armor. It is likely that the other Sectfighters may not be able to work well with him at first, but in time his ability to work with a team will get better and the others will be more likely to have an easier time working with him by then. Though only time will tell in the end.
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I shall throw my hat into the ring, fine sir.

Name: Jiro Yamaguchi

Age: 19

Sectfigher name: Sectfighter Argent



Weapons/Gear: Sectscanner, CardGun, Argent Crusher

History: Jiro was born in a normal family to normal parents in a normal house in a normal town. In fact, that word alone summed up Jiro's entire life: Normal. That was his problem. Jiro, a kid born with big dreams in a small town had always dreamed of one day doing something more with his life, often fantasizing of being a hero of justice. It was only until his family moved and transferred him into Hayami University, thanks greatly to his high GPA, did his life take an unexpected turn.

During a routine examination, the "higher-ups" learned that Jiro's blood contained a high amount of B-Factor. In fact, it was one of the highest levels they've seen before. After that, Jiro was introduced into the world of Sectfighters and assigned to battle. Only time will tell if this was a dream come true for Jiro... or a nightmare.

Jiro is an imaginative and charismatic individual, often daydreaming of heroics he has not done. While he may seem the flakey type, Jiro is actually a genius with an IQ of over 200, although most of his brain power is used creating bizarre scenarios in his head and drawing them. Overall, Jiro is kind and friendly to all. And while he is a bizarre guy, he cherishes his friends and keeps them close to his heart.

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Milky Rose

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Name: Megumi Hoshikawa

Age: 19

Sectfighter name: Sectfighter Rosso


Weapons/Gear: Sectcommander, CodeGun, HornBlade, Quad Laser

Bio: An attractive young woman attending classes in the prestigious Hayami University, Megumi is the type of student that makes most instructors proud, oftentimes seen with a textbook in hand or tutoring fellow students whenever she is not in class. However, she was also one of the very few in the University who have been involved with the research on the Gaeons, having received the message from one of the victim planets about the impending invasion. With the help of like-minded researchers and students, as well as the newly-formed Earth Defense Force, Megumi began to look into the once-scrapped B-Project, and continued work on the development of the Weapons and Gear mentioned in the old documents she studied. As one of the people involved in the project, Megumi was one of the first to be tested for the B-Factor, in which she had the highest reaction out of all the others involved in the project. With her affinity towards the Sectfighter Rosso armor the highest, the EDF decided to give Megumi the Sectcommander that will allow her to transform into Sectfighter Rosso, and immediately assigned her to Squad A.

As a dedicated student in the University, Megumi is greatly annoyed by Tetsu's lack of motivation towards his studies, as well as his penchant for copping a feel on her rear end from time to time. Even then, she still considers him as one of her friends, and would not hesitate to put herself on the line if he or any of her other friends are harmed.
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Name: Shun Kazuma

Age: 19

Sectfighter name: Sectfighter Azul


Weapons/Gear: Sectcommander, CodeGun, HornBlade, Azul Blade

Bio: A tough kendo fighter and smart student, Shun Kazuma attended Hayami University like any other student. His family was weathy and powerful and wanted him to attend Hayami which didnt bother him at all. One day after getting help from Megumi Hoshikawa for a test Shun found an entrance into a strange lab and saw Megumi working on something when she and the other r. After being found out he was tested for the B-factor which he had a high level of which made him join Squad A as team leader Azul.

Shun is a good swordsman but is not so good with his grades hince why he is always asking Megumi to tutor him when she isn't busy. Durning battle he leads his teammates by rushing in with his Azul Blade and letting the others give him cover fire.


Sweet Sweets
Name: Xue Hong

Age: 18

Sectfighter Name: Sectfighter Echo


(Pretend that's Tetsu she's slapping, lol)

Weapons/Gear: Sectreader, CardGun, Echo Blades, Echo Magazine

Signature Cards: Peirce Shot, Sonic Shot, Bind Shot (Fires a paralyzing beam of energy that binds a enemies limbs)

Bio: A Chinese transfer student, Xue looks like a quiet girl on the outside. Don't be fooled, however, since she has a short temper and the fist to back it up. She mostly keeps to herself, angry at her parents for making her go to Hayami University and having to leave her friends behind. The one saving grace she sees in the University is it's diverse martial arts program. She has a passion for the martial arts and constantly trains when she's not studying for classes. Back at home, she was still violent, but she was at least nice to those she cared about.

Shortly after arriving at the University, Xue went through some routine tests and it was found out that she had a significant B-Factor level. It wasn't as high as some of the others, hence why she was put in Squad C. This annoys her greatly, thinking that she got placed in the 'inferior' squad. She refused to use the Venus armor, seeing it as too 'wimpy', and chose the Echo armor instead. She doesn't get along with her other teammates, especially Tetsu, since he constantly tries to cop a feel which results in him either getting punched or kicked out. Despite this, Xue will have to learn to cope with her teammates if they want to save the world...


Is it alright if this character doesn't appear right off the bat? I'm not going to be around for a week starting Wednesday and I was thinking of having her getting transfered to the University when I get back.
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(Pretend that's Tetsu she's slapping, lol)

That aint hard to imagine, especially since she probably will smack him quite a bit seeing as this profile has been approved


Name(Sur, given): Shawn Masters

Age(17 to 19): 19

Birthday: May 10th

Star sign: Taurus

Zodiac Animal: Dragon

Sectfigher name: Sectfighter Proto


Weapons/Gear: None, except for his morpher... thing. (I don't know what it's called. :sweat: )

History: He was a normal guy from America. Up until his 18th birthday, everything went perfect for him. Good grades, great social life, good at sports. But, his parents were killed o that birthday. The person who did it said something about B-factor. His little brother, Max, was spared in the "Accident". Oddly, the people who did it didn't even look the least sorry.

As the people left the funeral, Shawn noticed them say something about enrolling him into a university. Low and behold, the next week he and his brother were sent to japan to go to Hayami University. Max was given permission to live on the campus, as Shawn was his legal gaurdian. When he got to the university, he saw the two as teachers there. He had kept a grudge on them, and the grudge was gnawing at his very being. It was just enough to make him steal the B-fighter Proto Henshin device for himself.

Other: Knows Japanese(took a special class)

Name: Maxamillion "Max" Masters

Age: 12

Birthday: July 7th

Star sign: Cancer

Zodiac Animal: Boar(Because I'm guessing this takes place in 2007, if it doesn't, tell me so I can change this.)


History: He was a smart kid, that wasn't good at sports(Unlike his brother) or girls. In fact, no one in his school liked him. They even said they were throwing a party for his leave. Either way, Max was the most meserable kid on the planet. He still is, considering he had to move to a new country with a private tutor. Most of his time is spent in the kitchen of his brother's dorm(His llittle dorm area doesn't have one), because he is and artist with food. His brother would probably go hungry without him.

So, how was it? I think they're pretty original.​


Princess of Equesteria
Name: Yuriko Kobayshi
Age: 19
Sectfighter name: Sectfighter Violette

Weapons/Gear: Sectscanners, CardGun, Violette Spear
Bio: High-spirited, energetic, compassionate, daydreamer, optimistic and open-minded is the personality traits that could best sum up Yuriko Kobayshi. Adopted an infant (by Kin and Cho Kobayshi), Yuriko had been raised properly within a loving middle-class family. Ever since Yuriko had entered their lives, her parents had always thought that there was something special about their daughter. They could not have been more accurate when she started to materialize condense forms of light at the age of five. However, after an extent amount of time, Yuriko would be quite exhausted and weak. Her parents did the best they could to keep this under wraps. This did not last. One of the staff approached the Kobayshi extending an invitation to Hayami University.

It was there that they tested her and got back interesting results. Yuriko had tested very high (second that to Megumi Hoshikawa). Through further testing they learned due to the high level, Yuriko was actually channeling her chi energy into a condense form of light. The Chi energy is the manifestation of her B-Factor gene. In addition, upon using for a certain amount of time used for so long would take it toll.

Yuriko values those that she has befriended and very dear. Upon her arrival at the University, Megumi was the first person that she had gotten the pleasure of meeting. There were often times that she would try to get Megumi to put down a book and have fun once an awhile. Yuriko's favorite past time is archery.
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Name: Nagisa Ichinose

Age(17 to 19): Appears 18

Sectfigher name: Dark


Weapons/Gear: Dark Commander, Codegun, and Midnight claw

History: Born to a scholar family, Nagisa was tutored and brought up through hard schooling. As unnecessary as it was all her studies and hard work made her a genius of sort, one that ranked in the top ten of Hayami University during her time. She is also ranked in the top ten throughout the whole country in standardized exam results of every subject — she always goes to library to read extra materials, especially books in foreign languages.

Nagisa is a very quiet girl and it is quite difficult to communicate with her. In her spare time, she plays the violin; by the time she was 18 she received a Doctorate. She was then given an opportunity to work within a lab of EDF, giving EDF many successes with its B-Project creating many of its weaponry. 10 years ago due to classified reasons she disappeared from the Lab after a fire. This was basically an EDF cover up of an unknown incident.

Recent rumors has been circulating that a girl similar in appearance has been appearing at the university’s library and courtyard playing a very disturbing sad tune with the violin.


The spot of Sectfighter Verde is no longer reserved, but we need that one to start so someone get their buddies to sign up or something


Name: Zhane Matsuda

Age(17 to 19): 18

Sectfigher name: Sectfighter Verde


Sectcommanders, CodeGun, Hornblade, Crush Claw

History: Zhane was just a ordinary high school student who was intelligent, was strategic and was a highly compatibly person for the job he was going to be assigned. Zhane was transported to the dean of administrations at Hayami University. There the Dean told him that he had something called the B-gene which lets him become capable of using one of the B-Project armors. Zhane wondered why he was asked and they then told him, you are one of the brightest so we are assigning you to become sectfighter verde that is if you accept.Zhane kinda paused before answering and said," Of course I mean I am going to be the best.

Zhane then was transported to the underground facility to get fitted into his new armor. After finding out he really didn't need to he was handed a suit case with the equipment he would use in combat. He took the sectcommander he was assigned and said," Well I will be going back to class call me and if you need me." Zhane walked off back to class.


I havent bailed on any, just when others slow down I make more rpgs lol. Besides im waiting on some people for my other rpgs