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Project L has been in development for years and now Riot Games had been quiet since they teased back in 2019.  League of Legends had been expanding its fan base outside the players of this online RPG. They explored the World of music with their KPOP  girl group K-Da. Also, their Netflix original Animated series Arcane is renewed for a Second Season. The popularity of that show is instant positive publicity for this game because familiar faces from that show will appear on this game.
Now they are on a roll because Riot Games just announced the Game Project L.  It will be a CGI graphics fighting game with 2d gameplay. Tom & Tony Cannon had been in charge of making this vision happen. They don’t have a release date yet but the footage they show is Music for the eyes.  Fighting Game players though will be open about this because all they care about is Balance and Netcode. Except for Tekken, Fighting Games are more...
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