Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright?

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Both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are great games for the DS. There's even a game that pit the two together in one epic game. But which character do you like more - Layton or Phoenix? I'm sticking with Attorney Phoenix on this one. He's more funny and witty and a lot cooler than the professor IMO. Who do you pick?


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I don't know, I kind of like the Professor a lot. I know it's the point of the game, but I like how almost everything reminds them of one puzzle or another. It's completely adorkable. And I might have a slight weakness for top hats and a slight aversion to badly-tailored suits. XD
Too bad the crossover isn't likely to be localized until sometime in 2014. I'm pretty excited for it here.

As for the question itself, Hershel Layton is brilliant and all, but I would have to go with Nick. Personally, I think he just has a ton more character as well as development. Plus, I have to agree with the OP, he is indeed more witty and humorous. His turnabouts are way more unexpected than Layton's ideas, in my opinion.