Prison Break

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Shaken Not Stirred!!
Any Prison break fans in the community? I absolutely loved this series.. Completely nail biting and every episode ending made me wanna watch the next, that's when I know it's great, when I can't stop watching it!!! If you've never sen it, it's well worth getting. I guarantee you wont be a disappointed!!


I am actually at season 3, when they are in the south american prison. It is really good, can't believe I missed it when it was on Television


How many prisons were they in?
Enough for the company which produces this TV show to get rich:) Sadly this us one of those shows when two or three seasons is just enough. The first season was amazing! I can't say that for the last season...The plot was so unreal...


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I agree that this was a great show and that it deserves watching even today. It really did keep viewers on edge and trying to second guess the storyline. It lasted just as long as it should have - keeping the plot unpredictable until the point it was borderline improbable and unrealistic. It was just right.


I am a hardcore fan and I was really sad that it ended. This thread has awakened my love for it so I'm going to watch it all tomorrow - what am exciting marathon that will be :) .


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I loved Prison Break. I watched all of the episodes in under 2 days! I have to say, though, after the 2nd season it really went to crap. After that point the story plot was horrible. But, I still loved it.