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Prey for the Devil is the Lion’s Gate Halloween presentation this coming October 28, 2022. The trailer looks so frightening that even a non-believer will pray. Because of the religious themes, fans of the Conjuring universe might enjoy this presentation. Director Daniel Stamm is no rookie in horror because his previous projects are The Last Exorcism and some episodes of The Walking Dead, and Scream, the TV series.
Prey for the Devil Official Trailer

The world is facing a demonic possession crisis because the increase is like a pandemic. There is an increase in the number of people whose bodies are captured by something devilish.
A priest is using the lord’s help to defeat evil spirits who torture human beings. The Catholic church opens demonic exorcism schools to train...

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It makes me happy that a movie appears that a good horror film is unrelated to The Conjuring and will be released soon. This film seems superior to Netflix's entire library of generic horror films.


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It sounds like it will be quite engaging. especially considering that some of these actions cannot be performed during an exorcism by nuns. Nuns are not allowed to practice exorcism.


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I'm going to guess that this is yet another horror film with overtly religious overtones where the Christian woman has to use non-religious means to defeat the demon or devil. I felt like I had seen the entire movie because the trailer was almost too revealing. I am so tired of Hollywood demonizing Christianity.