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Tales From The Loop was such a success for Free League, they’re doing it again, only this time slightly differently. The Tales From The Loop Board Game will be set in the same world as the roleplaying game, only with different rules and more physical props.
you and your friends play cooperatively to investigate the mysteries originating from the Loop, a huge underground science facility with strange effects on the suburban landscapes around it.
The landscape was full of machines and scrap metal connected to the facility in one way or another. Always present on the horizon were the colossal cooling towers of the Bona Reactor, with their green obstruction lights. If you put your ear to the ground, you could hear the heartbeat of the Loop – the purring of the Gravitron, the central piece of engineering magic that was the focus of the Loop’s experiments. 
You and your friends play the local kids curious about the underground science facility known as The Loop where all sorts of strange...
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