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When you think of Attack On Titan, none of the images that come to mind come across as “relaxing.” If you were trying to sleep, watching an episode full of widely grinning naked giants trampling and eating people might not be very effective at putting you out. But that hasn’t stopped Scarlet Moon from basing the twelfth album in their Prescription For Sleep series on the property.
The album’s contents are smooth jazz renditions of melodies used in the animated series, covered by the band GENTLE LOVE. A digital booklet will be included on the Bandcamp version that contains full credits, recording notes, liner notes, and an interview with GENTLE LOVE.
Scarlet Moon producer Jayson Napolitano admits even without the startling elements, this is an unorthodox swerve for the series. “I came to enjoy Attack on Titan pretty late, right before season 2, so I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as most fans out there,” Napolitano says. “This is the first time we’ve produced an album in the...

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